God's Plan to Resurrect America! 
(rough draft)

(Note: Its lots easier to digest the following plan of God if I give you a flip-chart presentation. 
          Additionally, I have lots more that even this! I am in the possession of genius plans of God, if implimented, will cripple Islamic extremism! Plans directly connected to triggering the Messanic Age!)

The Almighty's gameplan to accomplish the above goal was transmitted in the 1980s, in part, to His chosen-vessel for this task, Pat Robertson. The organization that he birthed, Christian Coalition (CC), was founded to accomplish that end; to save our morally & spiritually decaying nation, and to do so decades ago! 

Old-timers such as myself, remember that CC proved very successful in educating, 
then winning over white religious folk to only vote social conservative (as have later christian conservative organizations such as the Eagle Forum, Family Research Council, & Concerned Women for America). 
       But, from their inception, CC was doomed to fail in their crucial mission unless they could win over black christians, en-masse, to join with white Christians by only voting pro-life. 

This essay reveals God's inspired plan to convert our black brethren! 
(Now is the time to put this plan into action!!!)

(The Lord never transmitted the following plan to CC's leadership, due to their hidden corruption > www.cccorruption.homestead.com.

Since they failed to convert our black brethren, en-masse, to vote pro-life, this once, seemingly rising star that was front-page news, died a humiliating death. They are still in existence, but they have become impotent. 
In this essay I will be revealing to you, as God has revealed to me, the details of the plan that He had originally reserved for them. If implemented this plan would have succeeded in winning over our black brethren! Again, the Almighty desires this plan to be unveiled & implemented. NOW!!

I'm well aware that you maybe a very busy person, but if you only skim
this essay you will not understand this plan as there is no one paragraph bottom
line that will summarize. It can only be understood if you read this entire essay. . .
Proof that this plan is not merely a brilliant idea, rather its inspired of God:
(Please take the time to read this background information)

It began several years ago with the seemingly unrelated beginnings of me being a street evangelist in Amsterdam Holland's red-light district. One day, there was a huge pro-palestinian rally going on in the central square. I was observing  thousands of people chanting, "free-palestine! free-palestine!" 
The organizers had created a false atmosphere that was designed to make their cause look like a non-violent, modern-day hippie movement. 

The hypocrisy of what I was observing irked me. Then, I felt the Spirit of God leading me to proclaim over to all the evil of suicide bombing.  I pushed my way through the dense crowd, gradually making my way to their podium. Next, I put on my Jesus crash-helmet, leaping unto it.  
As I began uttering the first word, two Dutch undercover cops tackled me, pulling me to the ground. Then, they looked me in the eye and asked me what I was doing.  I told them the truth. They looked at each other, grinning ear to ear. Then, they stated (in the presence of the muslim rally organizers), "We agree with you! But, you are not allowed to do this here!"  Next, they sent me away 
(In their eyes of the rally organizers I could see & feel the burning hate of these counterfeit peace-niks)
If we role the camera forward seven years  I'm living back in the USA.  During the early voting of Obama's first presidential run I was living in a predominately black section of town. At the local voting precinct I witnessed the monolithic black support for Obama and the democrats. Being  aware of the great importance that religion is to most black folk & knowing full well that 19 out of 20 of them were going to vote for Obama and the democrats, in spite of the democratic party's evil abortion-rights platform.  I was disgusted by the hypocrisy I was witnessing!
(attn: I may be sounding like a racist, but if you read this entire essay you will see that is not the case)

It was obvious to me, as most of the blacks and browns do in every election, that their majority would place skin color and/or receiving governmental preferences before voting for Godliness. 
Again, I was disgusted by the hypocritical drama that was unfolding before my eyes, as you'd think believers would vote for Godliness first,  boycotting ungodliness.
  Then, the Lord brought to my mind that past palestian rally scenario. Right away, I knew what He wanted me to do! Straightaway, I opened my lips, preaching the following message to the large multitude who were standing in line waiting to vote:  I warned them of the huge sin of voting for abortion-rights legislators; that the blood of countless innocent unborn babies would be on their hands for voting pro-abort legislators into office (the difference from the Amsterdam episode is that here I was not immediately neutralized. I succeeded in preaching a pro-life message for a short time, prior to being ejected from the mall). As  I was preaching to that captive crowd, a security guard interceded, ejecting me from the mall. He charged me with the offense of campaigning  too close to the voting.  

Immediately after being thrown out of the mall, the Lord spoke to me - big time!  
He revealed to me that He had had a plan (for quite some time), waiting in the wings, to awaken black folks from their spiritual slumber.. . .
He told me  He had devised this plan for an organization I was well familiar with, Christian Coalition of America. As their name implies Christian Coalition (CC) was created for the purpose of forging a 'Christian Coalition.' Their mission was to educate, then mobilize all devout Christians in America to vote social conservative (God showed me that the social conservative ideology is pleasing to Him. Liberalism is not!).  
If CC had succeeded in forging the envisioned large, interracial-coalition, social conservatives would have constituted the overwhelming majority! Then we would have been in a position to take over the political system for the purpose of morally resurrecting  America!  If moral resurrection occurs, spiritual revival is a mere baby-step away!

To mobilize all devout Christians, not just the white ones! (they were only successful in mobilizing the whites). Without converting the minorities to vote social conservative we hadn't enough votes to trump elections. 
      Still, in their first years CC was a force to be reckoned with.  During that time Robertson predicted that CC would become the dominant political force in our country by the end of the decade (As we know this never occurred! Its because we never won-over the minorities!) 
* Since the minorities have a far higher birthrate than do whites, CC's failure to convert the minorities to vote social conservative eventually became the death knell of our nation! 

Where exactly did they fail? They produce a nonpartisan voter guide to be  distributed for no charge to Pastors, to give to their congregation members. These voter guides rate politicians pertaining to how they vote on issues that are important to Christians. These voter guides gave republicans politicians high marks, and at the same time they gave the democrats low grades.
Therefore, minority pastors rejected these voter guides. CC's leadership wasn't wise enough to surmount this obstacle.

At the time I was ejected from the mall, God opened the book on this matter. But, it took many, many hours of time communing with God, in order to obtain all the necessary details. . .
The following was G-d's vision for CC as He revealed it to me>
Thirty years ago the Lord looking to the future inspired Pat Robertson to birth Christian Coalition of America with a grand purpose in mind: their sacred Calling was to heal and restore our racially torn & morally lost nation by forming a voting alliance between devout white Christians,  devout Jews, & devout Christians of color. When we formed this huge interracial voting coalition we could have taken control of the political process in America. Thus, saved our nation! With a high enough percentage of votes (called a super-majority) we would even have had the power, if necessary, to change portions of the constitution! (calling for a Constitutional Convention). 

(A constitution convention may be needed to save our nation because the framers of our constitution had no way to foresee future societal-cancers that modern America would develop. Here are some examples. . . 

1- pornography
2- the smut that Hollywood produces which pervert the minds of our youth here at home, & around the world. 
3- noise pollution from people's cars
4- people who have babies can't afford them, nevertheless keep getting pregnant
5- media permitted to engage in biased reporting
6- the cancer of politicians being permitted to break their campaign promises, w/o being impeached
7- big businesses' manipulation of the laws for their own profit
8- so, so many other societal-ills! 

*Here is one fantastic, potential-righteous law.  If enacted, this law would go a long way towards saving our nation. This change in our voting laws would forever destroy the power of the liberals!
People who live on the government dole ought to lose their right to vote as they don't contribute.       (Naturally, they will keep their personal rights). People who actively served in combat duty be permitted two votes, as they risked their lives for our nation.

Our inter-racial coalition was to be a guiding light for our nation; leading us to become a land based upon Godliness & Righteous.  No longer yielding to unrighteousness. If CC would have done their job, they would have turned around our morally decaying nation, decades ago! 

With our now overwhelming moral majority (presently it’s a minority), America would gradually  evolve into a type of Christian Theocracy
(where no one church runs the show, and  tolerance is shown to other monotheistic faiths!)
A Land where reverence for God & teaching our children the unsurpassing importance of developing personal integrity will be required subjects taught in  all public schools.
(The Bible states, “Direct your child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it” – Proverbs 22:6 )
*Additionally, when we are on the cusp of creating our Theocracy the Lord wants us to invite Iranian ex-president Rafsenjani (he is an honest man), to help us build it, so we won’t fail as did the Iranians! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
God’s requirement of all mankind (especially for believers) is that we live righteous lives.

The Lord has led me to coin a new word, a word that describes voting that supports only Godly and Righteous legislation, and rejects all legislators who support ungodliness. The new word is 
- HOLY VOTING. Voting social-conservative, and especially voting pro-life (as abortion is murder).

*There is a way to compel all the serious religious folk in America (black, white, and latino) 
to Holy-Vote.  Again, only if we succeed in doing this can we form the necessary overwhelming electorate majority required in order to take control of the political process for God and Righteousness. This would trigger a moral resurrection of our decaying nation. In case you didn't yet know, spiritual revival is a baby step away from moral resurrection!

Its common knowledge most religious white folk already vote social-conservative. Therefore, our challenge is to woo religious people of color away from the liberal camp by compelling them to only vote social-conservative. God has shown me a simple common sense plan to accomplish this feat!
 Since so many black folk don't trust white people, and conventional black leadership (pastors and politicians) have not only failed to address the abomination of supporting abortion rights, but have encouraged their people to monolithically vote for the democratic party (the baby-killing party), we are forced to enlist alternative famous black people to partnership with us in order to enlighten the minority masses to how they are blowing it big time with God.

We will be creating and showing a series of 3 Spiritual Infomercials on prime-time TV.                   A roundtable discussion featuring ex-world boxing champs. People like George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Oliver Mccall, etc. They are the toughest men of our time, and they will speak on the topic of a more important kind of strength:
               Spiritual Strength

(If we show the boxing champs the big picture it ought to be easy to enlist them to work with us!)

Our preachers will be speaking on this noble subject and what it means to practice it: 
Enlightening black america to the fact that anyone who desires to be close to God, by neccessity, must learn to welcome all constructive criticism. After all, how else can we mold ourselves to become Christlike if we are not willing to look at all our faults. Then,  change anything about ourselves that is unrighteous or displeasing to God.  More about this said later. . .

Note: At the end of each Infomercial we will encourage the audience that it can be re-watched on     u-tube. If they want to give God their best this ought to be done! Then, our preachers will advise the viewers to go into the prayer closets and pray over everything that they heard.  They will proclaim: "Beware, that whenever God desires us to make a real important decision the devil will always try to lead us astray. To go the devil’s way is usually the easier path. So, with this matter its best to deal directly with God.  Not to inquire of the crowd as sadly most of the crowd is engaged in group-think > which is often wrong!

Informercial 1:

In this first Infomercial our preachers will be careful to focus on the wonderful things that creating our large inter-racial, holy-voting coalition will do for the moral and then spiritual regeneration of America and how this will also effect the entire world. They will do their best to steer clear of all criticism. This criticism must come, but we will do our best to limit it to the subsequent two Infomercials.

The intent of infomercial one is to get Christian’s of color excited, as every believer's dreams to be part of a great move of God.This infomercial will lay the ground for superbowl-sized audiences in our next two infomercials.  Additionally, criticism is hard for most people to take, so being part of this huge move of God will give our minority brethren the motivation to deal with their sin and to then change for the better.

(Note: we are not saying that the republicans are Saints either! Through this plan I will be revealing a new way that will revolutionize politics!  A way that is neither republican nor democrat!)

We would deal with all societal-cancers (including abortion) 
adhering to the following common sense format:

1- Open dialog where all logical solutions for a problem are placed upon the table and fully explored, no solutions that are politically incorrect are taboo (unless they violate                 G-dliness). 

2- Now that the citizenry has all the facts, everyone prays to God for the best way to deal with each societal-ill.  

3- Once God reveals the righteous solution, we all stand behind making this solution the law of the land!

>Wow! A God-centered, and thoroughly Righteous political system!<

The wide-spread viewing of these spiritual infomercial are designed to ignite a righteous revolution 
throughout America. Our righteousness based political system will inspire the citizenry to live righteously in their day-to-day lives. Multiply that times millions! Once moral revival has taken hold of a person, spiritual revival is a mere baby-step away!

Our preachers will introduce the concept of Holy-Voting, and speak of God creating this new political way.  With the proper checks and balances, it is designed by God to be the most righteous political system the world has yet seen.

Also, we reveal how our national spiritual ascent even fulfills Biblical Prophecy. . .
The Lord revealed to me that there are two different paths that can bring forth the Messianic Age:

1-  If believers fail to bring heaven to earth (creating a world system based upon the pillars of          Godliness, Righteousness, and Truth), we are headed for a terrible bloodbath in the Middle East - Armageddon. At a critical stage in the carnage, the Lord will intervene so the Jews don’t get annihilated. This is the terrible bloodbath that we are presently headed towards.

2- This second path is God’s preferred plan:
If believers bring heaven to earth by creating a world system based upon the pillars of G-dliness, Righteousness, and Truth,  Armageddon will be averted! This scenario becomes the fulfillment of the  prophetic dream of King Nebuchanezzar of Babylon, from 2500 years ago. The King's dream revealed future great earthly kingdoms of the world, plus a future eternal spiritual kingdom that would consume all these earthly kingdoms and would stand forever. Now, here is the pertinent last portion of the King’s dream, as interpreted by the prophet Daniel:

"And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever." - Daniel 2:44
(This is explained as the meaning of the stone cut from the mountain without hands, that smashes the idol to pieces. The idol representing all previous kingdoms of the world)

Mainline Christianity believes that this eternal spiritual kingdom is the Godly world government Jesus will institute when He returns. God revealed to me a different interpretation, He has a preferred way! His preferred way is that believers bring heaven to earth before the return of Christ! 
This would stop Armageddon from occurring! That way, Jesus will happily return to a now peaceful world, proclaiming to the laborers - "My good and faithful servants - job well done!" 
(My interpretation jives with an end-time revelation which was prophesied from of the Vineyard Church in the 1970s called – Joel’s Army  http://www.letusreason.org/Latrain10.htm

*Thusfar, I have spoken of the beginning of a world system based upon G-dliness and Righteousness. 

Through another brilliant idea from Above spiritual truth will be proved to the entire world!
This will be through the manifestation of an Old-Testament style miracle that the Lord will permit us just for these end-times. This will be the icing on God’s sacred cake! 
We will give out the web-site at the very end of informerical 3

Therefore, all this good manifesting throughout America, plus its magnificent snow-ball effect throughout the entire world; stopping a ghastly war in the Middle East, and even bringing forth the Messianic Age, is all hinging upon us compelling Christians of color in America to vote socially conservative - especially voting pro-life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Infomercial 2:

The second Infomercial begins the criticism, and it will become heavy, as it must be!
They can begin by stating, "In the Bible days there were no democracies where your average citizen could affect public policy through the ballot box like we can in America. For that reason, those who vote have a great responsibility, and also great accountability! 

Next, our black preachers will bring up the huge sin of black religious folk and most of latino religious folks voting for Legislators who support the abortion-rights agenda - the democrats! We will expose this sin through displaying grotesque pictures of aborted babies. We will call it for what it is – Crimes Against Humanity! 
*Here are some of the grotesque pictures that we can use.
(Most people have never seen pics of aborted babies)
(Since abortion is both legal and commonplace many folks don't realize that its really murder,
these pics will convince the public. Since the magnitude of this evil is 1.5 million per year in America, it is a type of Holocaust! {Abortion must only be permitted under a very narrow set of circumstances})

Then our black preachers will implore the audience, “Brothers and sisters, God is counting on us, we are begging you to use your common sense! As we all know, the Bible clearly teaches that God is a righteous God.  So, when Jesus returns,  abortion will be looked upon for what it is – A Crime against Humanity! Pleaseee. . . don't be part of it by keeping it legal through your vote!
    Therefore, when Christ returns all the judges, legislators, and preachers who have worked towards keeping it legally protected (ie: campaigned or worked for the democratic party), will be put on trial for this capital crime, and if found guilty will naturally receive capital punishment
   There are sins, and there are abominations. Abominations are sins that are so despicable to God that partaking in just one can send a person to hell. Just one!
     Abortion is an example of an abomination. An abomination is like an oil spill or oil slick. Just like an oil slick contaminates every animal that comes in contact with it, in the same way abortion in America is so commonplace its like a giant oil slick (like the Exxon Valdez of 20 years ago). All the people who voted for this agenda are contaminated by it, just like dying animals caught in an oil slick!  But, unlike an oil slick, washing stained animals with soap and water won't work in our case . Our contamination is far worst, as we have darkened our eternal souls through our support of this abomination!
   All the tens of millions who voted those abortion-rights legislators into office have become contaminated by this abomination, and will not walk away unpunished by God. Unless they bitterly repent, and resolve to never again vote of any politicians who support ungodliness. Far better, would be to become actively involved, for example, with stopping abortions! Actually, to obtain forgiveness for a huge sin such as this one, to be safe  I for one would follow the penance route! (For reasons such as this one Jesus said, "Repent or Perish")"

Additionally, you ought to be astute enough to now see the following:      The widespread viewing of these Infomercials will also save the soul of black America!!!

A righteous God can not shut His eyes to this terrible act of inhumanity! Its not a woman’s body here, its an innocent baby that lives within her body is what is at issue! (I’m assuming that countless people who don’t bitterly repent will lose their salvation over their support of pro-choice legislators, as voting for them makes one culpable in mass murder!)

This shot of Painful Truth is G-d’s shock therapy. Shock therapy is what is required! 
(our preachers will also make it clear to the viewing audience that since you now know how bad abortion is, if you don’t repent and stand against it with your votes, you will be in worse trouble as you can't plead ignorance!)

This will be heard and reverberate nationwide. It will shock the minorities who are the core support of the democratic (abortion) party.  It will awaken them to their most grievous, group-sin. God will work through this infomercial to give our wayward brethren an offer that they can’t refuse! (I believe that all believers’ greatest desire is to go to heaven, don’t you?) 
Additionally, for believers to be allowed to take part in preparing the world for the Messiah is also a heck of an incentive, to motivate them to give their best, don’t you agree?

To obtain forgiveness from God for voting for abortion-rights politicians, people will have to bitterly repent. I mean repent with sack-cloth and ashes, because Abortion is soooooo bad!!!
Then, to prove to God that they are truly penitent, they can never again vote  for Legislators who stand for legalizing and protecting sin! Never Again!!
Infomercial 3

In this infomercial our preachers, through utilizing the teachings of Jesus and common sense will discredit the theological basis of black nationalism. Whether its white supremacy or black nationalism any skin colored based religion falls far short of what Christianity calls God’s high calling. High Calling because God's requirements for conduct are higher than that of man!
Part of God's High calling is to love all the races of humanity as thyself!

Please hear some of the following common sense arguments we can use: Favoring one race above another makes one biased (non-objective towards all of humanity). Therefore, by following the theology of black nationalism it can easily lead its disciples to treating whites unfairly – thus, one can easily fall prey to the sin of acting unrighteously towards other races! This puts one at odds with God, as unlike much of humankind, God loves all the races, as He created them all!
(Jesus stated, “I tell you, unless your righteousness greatly exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven!” – Matt 5:20
Additionally, in the most well-known parable of Christ, the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus purposely used a member of a despised minority that lived amongst the Jews of that day to teach believers that to fulfill the Golden Rule one must love outside of your own people. 

Plus, there is even more new testament arguments that we can use to discredit these bogus skin-based religions.These are but a handful of the arguments we will use to discredit black nationalism (there is no need to focus much about white supremacists as their numbers have become small, as their views are scorned by mainstream white America. But, to show that we are being fair we must include them in our criticism > the bogus Christian Identity Movement)
But, this point needs to be brought to the surface, that white supremacy groups are scorned by most of white america, that most of white america is no longer racist!
Additionally, we must always remember that hundreds of thousands whites fought in the civil war to help make the black man free! White folks risked their lives in the underground railroad to help make the black man free. So, when we point the finger in judgement let us at least honestly see the big picture.

Additionally, Jesus commanded us to “Love our enemy”. For example, so many black folk are angry at white people because of the wrongs done to their race before they were born. Since people don't understand the importance of obeying this commandment, and it appears on the outside that those who follow this law are wimpy, your average believer skips obeying this one! But, if they do that its to their great detriment! As obeying this commandment of Christ protects your eternal soul from being polluted by hate (doesn't the Bible state, "If you claim to love God and hate your brother you are a liar"). The mythological vampire who bites an innocent victim, and that innocent victim in turn becomes a vampire is a real to life allegory! Hear this: The white man is your brother just like the black man. A black racist is just as evil before God as is a white racist! For example, isn't it a proven fact that a disproportionate amount of abused kids when they grow up become abusers? In the same way, the black man who hates racists in turn becomes a racist himself ! If we hate evil this evil gets inside us! Its the cruel irony.

When we hate injustices done against us we puff up in judgement. Don't we? (But the Bible states, "Judgment is mine sayth the Lord"). The sinful response, puffing up in judgement, this person want to take revenge. God always permits us to act in self-defense, and to do this doesn't cause one to get angry, doesn't harm our eternal soul. But, if one hates their enemy n(which is to 'puff up in judgement'), then desiring revenge (even just in the heart), this is a playing God (Doesn't the Bible state, "Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord?")

To love thy enemy doesn't mean you invite the sob to supper or God forbid fix him up with your daughter! This law is greatly misunderstood.  Rather, it means that you resist the temptation to hate him for what he has done to you (turn the other cheek), and instead you pity him for his sin. If we know the severity of divne justice it makes it easy to pity people for their injustices against us.     Then, pray that God changes his heart, so he become a good person. We should never have a problem praying for our enemy because if God made them into a good person they would become
a blessing to the world, instead of being a curse. 

If you pray this way, even if your enemy doesn't change, his evil will not pollute your eternal soul! Otherwise, if you hate him your soul becomes polluted, and the devil has won! 
Additionally, if we forgive the injustices done to us G-d in the same measure will forgive the injustices we have committed. On the other hand, if we don't forgive we will be in huge trouble when we face the Man upstairs!

*To spice up the infomerical we can invite leaders of black and white supremacists to debate us so we can make all see them for the false teachers whom they are!